There’s a conversation between myself and the drawing or brush strokes on the canvas. One mark or color leads you on to the next . Staying open to the process and “listening” to that response, is what makes interesting paintings. I like to create a setting or environment, someplace where you can enter the painting and also be a part of painting.  I’m influenced by local architecture and dream images.  I like to get an eerie feeling to my landscapes.  While there may not be any figures in some of my work, there is always the sense of a presence in the paintings.  I include a concern for the environment and there is an underlying spirituality that is a part of each painting.  Whatever the subject matter is, it becomes my fanciful, lyrical and mysterious world.  There is something magical that happens when painting layer after layer of colors. It becomes a meditative experience. Creating art is to be fully present and alive.

Exhibitions include the PA State Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Noyes Museum, Philadelphia Artists Alliance, Center for Emerging Visual Artists, American Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Suzanne Arnold Gallery,  Nexus Gallery, Keystone Art Gallery, PA Arts Experience and Stuart Levy Gallery. Awards include the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant, First Prize for Painting and Museum Purchase Award at PA State Museum and the William Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship Award. Residencies include the Margo-Kelb Dune Shack in Cape Cod and La Villa Arrigo in Florence, Italy. Publications include Studio Visit Magazine, The Hunt Magazine, Signature Brandywine Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Collectors & Visitors are welcome to visit the studio in Wawa, PA

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“There is a quality of lyricism in the paintings of Lauren Litwa Holden.  She approaches the landscape with a poetic expression and captures a fine sense of light and a dreamlike feel.  She uses the sky as a format for her paintings and a sense of spirituality comes through in her new work.”

– Will Barnet

“Lauren’s landscapes spring from her imagination and convey simultaneously a playfulness and soulful spirituality that engage us.  Her color palette, warm oranges, rich purples and deep blues, and precise composition support this effect.

– Maida Malone, president CFEVA

“I always imagine you sit at a piano with an open window,
and whatever is out there will come in, pass through you and then turn into a song.”
– Tom Waits

“I found I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.”
-Georgia O’Keefe

“The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”-Piet Mondrian


Between Two Boulders

“Between Two Boulders”

Alleghany Mountains

Oil on Panel


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