Standing on Frack Free Ground

Standing on Frack Free Ground is a new oil on linen.  It represents my concern for the environment and the health of the wildlife in the area. I’ve been fortunate to have grown up spending summers in the Allegheny mountains  in Lycoming County and I’ve watched the many changes that have taken place from fracking throughout the area.  There’s never been full disclosure on what exactly is being forced into the ground to break up the Marcellus Shale.  What exactly is in this liquid and how do we really know it won’t harm the wild life, fish/water quality and human existence?  We’ve turned down the opportunity to make money by leasing our minerals rights to fracking on our land.  I don’t think the short term opportunity for people to make money is worth the risk of damaging these pristine forest lands and waterways.  Standing on Frack Free Ground is my subtle response to anti-fracking.  What good will it do?  I don’t know.  Maybe nothing, or maybe it will lead to other people realizing that putting nature and humanity at risk for monetary profit is really no profit at all.

Standing on Frack Free Ground(good color)


“Standing on Frack Free Ground”

oil on linen



© Copyright Lauren Litwa/Painter