A time to Paint!

Every year when spring comes around, I get so excited to be outside, enjoying the beautiful flowers, birds, skies and everything nature!  One of the best things ever is to go out with painting supplies, set up your easel, paints and little chair and paint.  It’s certainly one of the most relaxing, enriching experiences I’ve ever had.

I was fortunate to be a student of Louis Sloan at the PAFA and we would paint at Saunders Woods in the summer.  I learned so much from Lou. Watching him paint was a highlight for me, and it has led to a lifetime of exploring and painting in the outdoors…..

So, that’s where I plan on being for as much of the spring/summer as I can possibly fit in.  Whether it’s my garden, the mountains in north central PA or the Outer Banks in NC, I’ll be attempting to create new landscapes, and I’ll be prepared with hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water, chair and all my painting supplies in hand. I hope to share new images soon!

© Copyright Lauren Litwa/Painter